The leap of faith!

I have been mulling over the same thing for several months-TO WRITE MY BLOG!

I knew that I had some weaknesses, but I never knew that procrastination was one of them.

I would have ridiculed anyone who even remotely suggested that ” I had a FEAR of writing”.

But that was precisely my problem. I could write some technically interesting stuff, with precise explanation for the discerning few connected with the pharmaceutical industry.
I had never imagined that writing something interesting for anyone who knew English, was going to be difficult.
It was not just difficult. My creativity deserted me ! The new pen surprisingly lacked the flow. Or the paper was too rough probably!
Or today was not the day when my creative juices were flowing at their peak.
The excuses were too many.
I wrote a piece that was highly creative ( yeah, only to me), and had the temerity to attend a free seminar on creative writing. OMG, every other person in the group was light years ahead of me creatively. That was not just a revelation or an eye-opener, but something that punctured my ego. Like a deflated hot air balloon I came down to the earth from a self- conceited high pedestal that I had imagined for myself.
After several attempts, with a lot of trepidation, I have chosen to publish my blog.
” This is my LEAP OF FAITH!”


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